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Hill of Pleasures

Documentary Film
90 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Janneke Doolaard, Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf, Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos
Guy Gonçalves, Leo Bittencourt, Miguel Lindenberg
Karen Akerman
For decades, the state allowed the drug cartels to control the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro. This policy was changed in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup. After a massive military operation, the state is now installing special units of the “peace-keeping police” UPP in the slums. Director Maria Ramos follows their work in the Morro dos Prazeres Favela, where the still hated police are to advertise the presence of the state and restore the dialogue with the residents. They meet not only with suspicion but with persistent resistance. Ramos follows the policemen on their daily routines of inspection rounds, unannounced raids and negotiations with the residents. Parallel to this, she switches to the perspective of the people on the street, shows their life in the community and learns about their past. People dance and celebrate exuberantly at one of the “Baile Funk” parties, which have emerged as one of the cultural forms of expression of the Favelas. But the view of nocturnal Rio from the hill suggests that the peace may be deceptive …

---Paulo de Carvalho

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