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The Shape of Now

Documentary Film
70 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Augusto Cesar Sandino, Emil Olsen, Manuel Correa
Manuel Correa
Simón Mesa Giraldo
Manuel Correa, Angelica Toro, John Jarlen Quiroz
Manuel Correa
Sebastián Munera, Manuel Correa, Francisco Londoño, Emil Olsen
Francisco Londoño, Emil Olsen
At first an insect works its way out of the ground – laboriously, trying to get its bearings, brushing the heavy sand from its wings. Coming out of the soil it pierces the surface of the planet and turns once around itself, exactly as if it was taking a look around the present it just crawled into. Manuel Correa’s experimental documentary is a lot like this industrious animal that has soil sticking to its body, whose eyes are still clouded and whose wings are still flapping slowly.

According to estimates around 200,000 people lost their lives in the 50-year Colombian civil war. Another 25,000 were kidnapped, many are still considered missing. When the peace deal between the government and the FARC rebels was made in November 2016, guns were banned from the conflict. But the country’s population have since faced the almost impossible task of having to agree on a common past. “The Shape of Now” illuminates this strenuous process and thus Colombia’s leaden present from very different perspectives. And just like the people of this country – the survivors, the grieving mothers, the historians and experts – this film, too, is still in first orientation mode.

Lukas Stern