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Eternal Hunting Grounds

Animated Film
19 minutes

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Ingvil Giske
Elin Grimstad
Sam Mcloughlin, Alison Cooper
Urmas Jõemees
Robert Stengård
Triin Sarapik-Kivi
Elin Grimstad
Yngve Sætre
A silvery fish, a white rabbit, a small sparrow – two children look for dead animals by the sea and in the forest to bury them in their multicoloured cemetery named “Eternal Hunting Grounds”. The honest and at the same time magical story by Elin Grimstad makes the children discover what death means through their adventures. It is immediately captivating by its very plastic design, rich in different materials, its vibrant sound world and the emotional voice of its narrator.

André Eckardt

Golden Dove Best Animated Short Film (International Competition Short Documentary and Animation Film);
Nominated for mephisto 97.6 Audience Award


21 minutes

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Carsten Aanonsen
Charlotte Thiis-Evensen
Eivind Buene
Christian Flatlie, Charlotte Thiis-Evensen
Vårin Andersen
Kajsa Næss
Christian regularly records videos he wants to give his little son as memorabilia and in which he talks about the future and a life he is not going to share. He thinks about what a father should explain – man to man. Intercutting these monologues with animated sequences and private recordings, the film revolves around the question: what is left of a person when they go?

Annegret Richter