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Starting Point

Documentary Film
25 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Ewa Jastrzebska
Michał Szcześniak
Przemysław Niczyporuk
Jacek Tarasiuk, Daniel Gąsiorowski
Katarzyna Bonda, Michał Szcześniak
You grow with your tasks, they say. Aneta’s task is immense and painful. She has to confront her past every day if she wants to have a future again. When she was 19 she rebelled against everything and ended up as a murderer. Nine years later, she is allowed to leave prison occasionally to do community service in a nursing home. This is where she meets an old lady, Helena – in whom she finds a life story that ran completely counter to hers. While Aneta risked her chances and freedom, Helena grew up a rheumatic and knows the world, as she says, only through the window. Still she calls herself a realist.
Accepting the circumstances – a sense of reality, as it were – becomes the key to Aneta’s anxious hopes for forgiveness and a new beginning outside her monotonous prison life. In finely apportioned doses the film reveals the stations of her life and inner struggle, mirrored in Helena’s sincere interest. The dialogue between the composed little woman in the wheelchair, who almost disappears under her hat, and her caretaker with her emotional swings reveals more than mere sympathy – it may even be mutual fascination.
Lars Meyer