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The Kite

Animated Film
Czech Republic,
13 minutes
_without dialogue / subtitles

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Peter Badač
Martin Smatana
Aliaksander Yasinski
Ondřej Nedvěd
Lucie Navrátilová
Martin Smatana, Martyna Koleniec, Łukasz Grynda, Matouš Valchař, Stanisław Szostak, Piotr Chmielewski
Martin Smatana
Viera Marinová
How nice to be able to drop by at grandfather’s on your way home and discover the world with him. A homemade kite makes the grandkid’s heart beat faster and remains an important tie to grandfather – even after he dies. A puppet animation about how to deal with grief which shows that two people can be close even beyond death.

Marie-Thérèse Antony