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Doc Alliance Selection 2013
Captivity André Gil Mata

A house in Portugal, an old woman, 91 years lived within the same walls. A quiet observation in a space where time and memories have inscribed themselves.


Documentary Film
64 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Joana Gusmão
André Gil Mata
Maria Hermínia Gil Mata
André Gil Mata
Tomás Baltazar
André Gil Mata
Pedro Augusto
Captivity is a condition of confinement, both in space and in time. The person inside the captivity is not exclusively or necessarily a prisoner, but becomes an inherent part of that space. In turn, the captivity space is not inert, rather it is characterized by who is contained there, it is also shaped by that experience.
Alzira was born, raised and lived the entire 91 years of her life in the same house: in the city of São João da Madeira, in the north of Portugal. Her life experiences are inseparable from the house’s walls and objects of intimacy. The film attempts to capture the relationship of mutual construction between this woman and this space, a construction performed by the time lived there. Time is what makes that house, that space, transcend its geometry and become the shelter of her recollections, of her memories, and of the wanderings of her mind. “Captivity” is thus a film about the time that belongs to memory, indelibly written within a space.