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Documentary Film
Puerto Rico,
10 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
José Fernando Rodríguez, Guillermo Zouain
José Fernando Rodríguez
José Fernando Rodríguez
José Fernando Rodríguez, Guillermo Zouain
José Fernando Rodríguez
Alain Muñiz, José Fernando Rodríguez
A girl in the pool, close to the lens. She’s asking for a towel. White noise. A boy pretending to be a chicken hops through the room, picking at the mattress with his head. José Fernando Rodríguez reconstructs the states of his youth in “Adolescence”, using residual images of past times, hybrid images: excessive hormone boosts and the first fears of death, a girl in the pool and a dry run in the children’s rooms. The images in-between are missing. There’s only white noise.

Lukas Stern

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