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International Programme 2017
A Memory in Khaki Alfoz Tanjour

Khaki is the colour found in every Syrian, they say. This thesis is repeated in variations, soaring through art and ideas, while Alfoz Tanjour finds the right images to illustrate it.

A Memory in Khaki

Documentary Film
108 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Louai Haffar
Alfoz Tanjour
Kinan Azmeh
Ahmad Dakroub
Alfoz Tanjour
Alfoz Tanjour, Louai Haffar
“My blood is made of this city, of its stones, its neighbourhoods, its shops, its people and its mornings … My blood may be made of the smell of diesel in it.” Alfoz Tanjour visited the Syrian writer Ibrahim Samuel in Damascus in 2009 and filmed him sitting at his desk in an Adidas sweater, with coffee and cigarettes, in front of his manuscript. When Tanjour went to Moldavia to study film in the 1990s, a short story by Samuel was his first material. And this time, too, the intellectual inspires a work which despite its inherent weight is like a graceful flight. “A Memory in Khaki” shares the art and thoughts of people deeply marked by the oppressive Syrian regime – including a colour and its symbolism: khaki.

Carolin Weidner

City of the Sun

Documentary Film
100 minutes

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Dea Kulumbegashvili, Rati Oneli, Jim Stark
Rati Oneli
Arseni Khachaturan
Ramiro Suárez
Dea Kulumbegashvili, Rati Oneli
Sonia Matrosova, Alexey Kobzar
Chiatura once set the pulse of the times. With the biggest manganese mine in the world, the city was a motor of the Soviet heavy industry. When Rati Oneli arrives, those days are over. Few things are moving, except for his camera which moves to capture a wide screen shot. Or perhaps there are: the minds and bodies of a music teacher, a miner and two young female athletes who persevere in what has become a ghost town. Oneli combines their portraits in a thrilling atmospheric tale that invokes the Georgian national epic and is enriched by suggestive music, giving a narrative form to his long film debut that at least gets the documentary elements flowing.

Zaza Rusadze