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International Programme 2012
Stremt 89 Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea

What do you need for a revolution? Lots of alcohol, a few sickles and shotguns and an opponent in the cornfield... Autum 1989 in the Carpathian Mountains, straight from the source.

Stremt 89

Documentary Film
14 minutes

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Anda Puscas, UNATC
Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea
Stephen James Wilkinson
Anda Puscas
Dragos Dulea
Dragos Dulea
Never heard of Stremt? But you can learn how to stage a revolution from the small Romanian village near Cluj-Napoca in the Carpathian Mountains. It doesn’t take carnations or the colour orange but, first of all, alcohol for Dutch courage. Only then do you set out, arm yourself and suddenly identify enemies and terrorists everywhere – or was it the other way round? Time passes more slowly in Stremt. After they saw Ceauşescu’s fall on television, some villagers felt that their hour had come and decided to rebel. But where do you start a revolt when everyone knows everyone else? The ensuing dramatic scenes were mainly due to the wild conjecture and rumours that spread suddenly – and the fact that no one was hurt was mainly due to the fact that the pistol wasn’t loaded. The two young filmmakers’, born in 1985 and 1989, short film is a merry tour de force that demonstrates how quickly a house of card collapses once fear has been conquered.
– Cornelia Klauß