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International Programme 2019
Ties Dina Velikovskaya

When a child says goodbye to start its own life, sometimes the parents’ familiar world unravels down to the last thread. Witty drawings, warm-heartedly portrayed protagonists, visual wit.


Animated Film
8 minutes
_without dialogue / subtitles

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Florian Grolig
Dina Velikovskaya
Artem Fadeev
Björn Ullrich
Vera Myakisheva
Nadya Fedotova
Dina Velikovskaya
Artem Fadeev
The only thing left now is to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. The taxi to adulthood is already hooting. The last cup of tea together is drunk and the threshold already crossed. When a child steps out into adult life, the parents’ former world sometimes unravels down to the last thread, with every side-effect, for the daughter, too. Jaunty lines, beautifully drawn characters, visual wit – Dina Velikovskaya knows how to use the tools of animation with humour, personality and pizazz.

Nadja Rademacher

Awarded with the Mephisto 97.6 Audience Award.