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International Competition Short Film 2018
Musical Traumas Miloš Tomić

Miloš Tomić uses drawings to transform his obsession with music schools into visualised sounds and pupils’ confessions. Tragicomic mini scenes about the joy and compulsion of making music.

Musical Traumas

Animated Film
10 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Iva Plemić Divjak
Miloš Tomić
Vladimir Chab
Marko Simić
Miloš Tomić, Jelena Milunović, Vuk Palibrk, Marija Djordjević, Mario Kolarić
Iva Brdar, Miloš Tomić
Mićun Jauković, Dako Puač
Staccato confessions of music students reveal the field of tension between coercion, self-discipline and the overwhelming joy of making music. Miloš Tomić transforms his obsession with music schools by drawing visualised sounds and tragicomic miniature scenes. Educational tricks, idiosyncratic teachers’ spleens, recalcitrant violin strings, failing in the face of too-high expectations with tea cups on the back of one’s hand and a piano score – as if we had been there.

Nadja Rademacher

Outside the Oranges Are Blooming

Documentary Film
20 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Nevena Desivojević, Ivan Milosavjević
Nevena Desivojević
Nevena Desivojević, Cristina Haneș
Nevena Desivojević, Francisco Matos Morreira, Pedro Peralta
Dane Vlaisavljević
A lonely, sometimes misty, sometimes sunny mountain region, chants from the church of a dying village, a single man. He restlessly walks through his house, the village, the forest – but doesn’t reveal his secret. Observations from a seemingly insular, rural area in the south of Europe with no less insular people, shaped by their environment. And are the orange trees really blooming outside?

Frederik Lang