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Drop Nowhere

Animated Film
7 minutes

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Qing Sheng Ang
Qing Sheng Ang
Qing Sheng Ang
Qing Sheng Ang
Nadia Santoso, Clara Patricia
Qing Sheng Ang
Qing Sheng Ang
A “Rear Window” with a view of a multi ethnic block of flats in Singapore. Camera and sound dive deep into the inhabitants’ lives to listen to their conflicts. A toddler takes over the scenery. Hunting for his cuddly toy he crawls along the outside facade, from incident to accident. Along the edge of the abyss and narrowly skirting reality with the help of a computer animation. Quing Sheng Ang’s analysis of Singapore mainstream cinema is an eerie suspense movie with the appeal of a game.

André Eckardt

Nominated for mephisto 97.6 Audience Award