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Mar de Fons Bruno López, Florencia Luna

A father, a son, a fishing boat and the polluted coast off Barcelona. The death of a tradition and the disease of civilisation. A short novel with charisma.

Mar de Fons

Documentary Film
30 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Sergi Casamitjana, Escac Films
Bruno López, Florencia Luna
Julián Sánchez
Florencia Luna, Dídac Sáez
Bruno López, Dídac Sáez
Bruno López, Florencia Luna
Yago Flaquer, Mar Rosselló
“Another bad day!” This is what it sounds like when Catalan fishermen meet. The fish die-off and the pollution in the greater Barcelona area hit them hard. Ramón Costa has seen dramatic changes in his long career. This doesn’t refer to the fact that he made it from rowing boat to motorboat owner – no: Only six of the 100 fishing boats of his native village of Badalona are left. One of them belongs to Ramón. But he, too, is thinking about giving up his small family business, especially since he is worried about his eldest son. Opening a beach bar would be more profitable. The younger son, having at last emerged from adolescence, encourages him, that’s true. But junior is a stubborn smart-aleck.
All these problems accumulate in the narrow space of the fishing boat when father and son go out to sea. The film has all the ingredients of a short novel, telling a story of restless men, the death of tradition and the disease of civilisation and revolving around a charismatic main character: Ramón is a passionate storyteller and a father who makes touching efforts to stay connected to his sons, even if they grew up in a completely different age than he did.
Lars Meyer