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International Programme 2017
The Other Side of the Wall Pau Ortiz

The touching portrait of two adolescents in Mexico. At the height of puberty they are forced to replace their parents for their younger siblings while their mother is in prison.

The Other Side of the Wall

Documentary Film
68 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

María Nova López, Emiliano Altuna, Carlos Rossini, Tatiana García
Pau Ortiz
Daniel Hidalgo
María Nova López
Frank Gutiérrez, Pau Ortiz
Carlo Massarelli
Sometimes 13-year-old Rocío suddenly becomes an adult woman worried about the future. This is mostly due to the fact that, together with her 18-year-old brother Alejandro, she has to take care of two younger siblings while their mother is in prison. It’s been more than two years that the teenagers have been holding the family together. But the extreme situation is wearing them out and they quarrel more and more frequently. The battles they fight are both copies of classic arguments between couples (“I’m the only one who tidies the house here!”) and expressions of their inner conflicts. Both want to be capable of handling difficult situations and “carry their own weight”. But especially pubescent Rocío feels, that “my relationship with myself”, as she puts it, has been less than perfect for a while.

This detailed filmic observation shows a family microcosm marked by overextension, but also by great warmth. Both Rocío and Ale use the conversations on camera as moments of reflection – both analysing their own situation with breathtaking precision and realism. This film is also an emphatic declaration of love by director Paul Ortiz to his young protagonists that will stay with the viewer for a long time.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann

Nominated for Young Eyes Film Award