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Documentary Film
29 minutes

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Martina Carlstedt
Martina Carlstedt
Jonathan Lewald
Martina Carlstedt
Britta Norell
Martina Carlstedt, Britta Norell
Claes Lundberg
Martina Carlstedt arranges a puzzle of avowals and confessions of protagonists who have one thing in common: they are over 60. They have left beauty, success and love affairs behind. Their living rooms, tastefully furnished havens, panoramas filled with detail, are testimonies to the lives they have lived. The interviews with the women (frank) and men (more taciturn) are also a kind of soul-searching: what was? What’s to come? Everyone keeps to themselves, unable to team up with someone else. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unhappy.

Cornelia Klauß