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The Love Agency

Documentary Film
27 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Martina Carlstedt
Martina Carlstedt
Eirik Røland, Olle Markensten
Martina Carlstedt
Alexandra Litén
Johan Embring
In an age when even the KGB returns to typing machines there’s even less cause to rely on the Internet in matters of love. In Arkhangelsk, not far from the Arctic Circle, things are still organised on an analogue basis, with a folder of pictures. All those who described what they are yearning for to the “Yevgeniya” marriage agency (or is it really a love agency?) go in there. Upon which Svetlana picks up the phone – everything is top priority! – to boldly bring together what didn’t come together in life.
What happens next, though, can end either way. Like Anna, for example, who talks honestly about her life while Alexey is only interested in the meat and gravy. Or the veritable coup de foudre of Svetlana and her Vladimir, who in the course of an evening soaked in cognac and Russian poetry becomes first Volodya and then Volodichka. Amor’s arrows shoot like steel missiles through the bar, and like the make-up on the faces of the old girls who are a little the worse for wear, everything is always a little too much, too sweet, too greasy. Is it fake? But who knows what real love is?
Once more Martina Carlstedt’s very original style of documentary mise en scène yields a masterstroke, a melancholy etude in loneliness – even if at the end of the evening Svetlana and Vladimir are definitely determined to get married.

Grit Lemke