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52 minutes

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Franziska Reck
Anka Schmid
Feed the Monkey
Daniel Leippert
Marina Wernli
Anka Schmid
Anka Schmid
Markus Graber
A first person singular film which begins where it should, which is right at the beginning: after nine months of snug peace the filmmaker had fought her way through her mother’s pelvis and the first thing she touched was the latter’s curly pubic hair.

Anka Schmid uses a playful biographical approach to tell her hairy story, which is also the story of a whole generation. She jumps from detail to detail, or from moustaches to full beards to shaving one’s legs and armpits. And, last but not least, to the very special haptic pleasure you feel when you stroke the even stubble of a buzzcut. If this makes your hair stand on end with pleasure, you are already in the midst of the next volte-face. And if not, there’s no help for you anyway! Anka Schmid discovers the enormous potential of this most delicate body part in life and in art. And at the end of her ingenious collage of real, archival and animated footage one feels thoroughly combed over and certain henceforth that there is a whole cosmos hidden in hair.

Ralph Eue