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Late Harvest 2019
Where We Belong Jacqueline Zünd

Analytically and eloquently, five children of separated couples talk about the questions and gaps left by their parents. It’s up to them and us to decide what normality means.

Where We Belong

Documentary Film
78 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Jacqueline Zünd, Stefan Jung
Jacqueline Zünd
Thomas Kuratli
Nikolai von Graevenitz
Gion-Reto Killias
Jacqueline Zünd
Marco Teufen, Reto Stamm, Benoit Barraud
Parents separate, the children are left with questions and gaps: Dad cheated on Mom, so she threw him out. But didn’t Mom cheat on Dad, too? Life now happens between two homes, between two worlds. After an argument, the mother leaves for a “holiday” that is still going on a year later. It’s never mentioned. Brother and sister end up in a home after they tried to leave their mother. Their father had badmouthed her to them again and again. Taking the children, though, doesn’t cross his mind.

Coping with such experiences makes you grow up early. Surprisingly analytically and eloquently, five children of separated parents talk about their stories, only to turn back into children the next moment. With atmospheric images, sometimes impressionist and experimental, sometimes perfectly lighted like the stars on the big screen they become for a short while, the director manages to transcend the everyday life her protagonists talk about: By now, they probably know where they belong better than all the adults around them. It’s up to them and us to find out what normality means. Best to do it all on their own.

Frederik Lang

Awarded with the Young Eyes Film Award.