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Documentary Film
20 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Gürcan Keltek, 29P
Gürcan Keltek
Rick Tomlinson
Gürcan Keltek & Murat Tuncel
Eytan İpeker
Marc Van Goethem
“Overtime” is a stylistically idiosyncratic look at the working world of the Turkish-curdish low-wage labourers who, attracted by a booming Istanbul, still stay what they have always been – underdogs: badly educated, no insurance or work protection, subject to the despotism of their bosses and with absolutely no perspective of ever improving their situation. The film translates its protagonists’ attitude to life into a visual language as precarious as their lives. Rough, grainy black and white, a handheld, long focal distance camera, intercut travellings, restless images, always on the run, always moving, accompanied by the terse, well-timed off-screen tales of these people. Brief insights into mentalities shaped by bowing down: to the boss who beats them, the state that doesn’t help, life which takes the loved one away because there’s no money for marrying. Only the rent boy whose work concludes this visual journey through the industrial outskirts of a grey Istanbul seems to revolt against this order. But his experience does not suggest a better life. Only bodies subjugated by work. It’s a bold and depressing picture. And was the Bosporus Bridge, symbol of a prospering, future-oriented Turkey, ever photographed as sadly as in this film?

– Matthias Heeder