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International Programme 2019
Above the Styx Maria Stoianova

Easter on a Kiev cemetery: People flock to the graves of their beloved ones, dine with them and celebrate life. An intimate social study of a country rich in traditions.

Above the Styx

Documentary Film
29 minutes

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Maria Stoianova
Maria Stoianova
Anna Khvyl
Maria Stoianova, Yulia Danylchuk, Maria Terebus, Liudmyla Paraskiva, Kateryna Rybachuk, Anastasiya Feshchuk, Ivan Bershadskyi, Alla Onopchenko
Maria Stoianova
Maria Terebus
Andrii Rogachov
A young man meticulously sticks plastic flowers into the ground. An elderly couple arrange a picnic right next to a grave. A small cake, sandwiches, eggs. It’s Easter on a Kyiv cemetery. Countless people flock to the graves of their loved ones to celebrate life, commemorate the dead and collect a few drops of holy water from the priest. The group of filmmakers has made an accomplished intimate social study of the rich traditions of their homeland.

Julia Weigl