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International Programme 2013
Nae Pasaran Felipe Bustos Sierra

After the 1973 coup, Scottish workers refused to deliver engines for fighter planes to Chile. The reconstruction of a self-determined act of solidarity.

Nae Pasaran

Documentary Film
13 minutes

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Rebecca Day
Felipe Bustos Sierra
Julian Schwanitz
Anne Milne
Frederic Plasman
Jack Coghill
What’s the connection between the military dictatorship in Chile and the workers of a Rolls Royce manufacturing plant in Scotland? Here are the known facts: when the workers learn after the 1973 coup in Chile that the machine parts they make are used in the Chilean junta’s fighter planes, they refuse to deliver them. According to later Chilean reports, however, the machines were deployed after all. The workers doubt it. What’s their secret? Director Felipe Bustos Sierra reconstructs the events like a thriller, focusing on three former Scottish workers who meet again at a pre-arranged place. He confronts them with the known facts and uses animated sequences to interpret what happened on the grounds of the factory under cover of night and fog. Combined with archive material from the 1970s, a tongue-in-cheek portrait of a self-determined act of solidarity among workers emerges.

Lars Meyer