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Everybody’s Child

Documentary Film
75 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Aimara Reques
Garry Fraser
Stuart Jackson
Garry Torrance
Lee Archer
Lorna Hutcheon
This is no flawless sample of a cool no-drugs campaign, but the story of a worker in the quarry of his own life. Also: a travel diary, though the external radius of this journey is relatively limited. Director and protagonist Garry Fraser rarely moves far beyond Edinburgh in his film, the city that acquired a dubious reputation in the 1980s as Europe’s Aids and drugs capital. Fraser’s journey takes us into the interior of his own story, for the filmmaker sees himself as the sad offspring of this place and time which hang on him like a curse as he tries to free himself of their destructive power.
“Everybody’s Child” is a beautiful example of a simplicity that’s hard to achieve. Because this is ultimately an existential experiment for Fraser (and us, the audience): is the course of a story – one’s own or the big story – carved in stone and unchangeable or are deviations imaginable and achievable? In this sense, “Everybody’s Child” sets out without reservations to be a film for the big screen and not the small one. Because while (according to Hartmut Bitomsky) it’s one of the fundamental strategies of television to simplify complex things, cinema is about bringing out the complexities in simple things – a lucid distinction.

Ralph Eue