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Abandoned Village

Mitovebuli sofeli
Mariam Kapanadze
International Competition Short Film 2021
Animated Film
14 minutes
without dialogue

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Mariam Kapanadze
Mariam Kandelaki
Tsotne Kalandadze
Elene Murjikneli
Beso Kacharava
Elene Murjikneli
Irakli Toklikishvili
Gela Kandelaki

At first there’s nothing but clouds. A cock crows, sheep bells ring, a herd of cows begins to move. The sounds seem to come from another age. When the morning mist clears, we recognize the outlines of an abandoned village. Decayed huts, broken fences, crooked roofs. The film looks like an oil painting, a still life painted in sometimes delicate, sometimes broad brushstrokes, bathed in different lights with the shifting times of day and changing its mood.

Anke Leweke
Nominated for mephisto 97.6 Audience Award
Sense and Being
Intervening Nature