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Lift Like a Girl

Documentary Film
95 minutes

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Mayye Zayed
Mayye Zayed
Anke Petersen
Anna Bolster
Eva Klöcker
Claudia Tronnier
The Getty Images ARRAY Grant
Arab Fund For Arts & Culture (AFAC)
HotDocs - Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund
International Media Support (IMS)
The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI)
Samir Nabil
Andromeda Film AG
Kristoffer Salting
Brian Dyrby
Mayye Zayed
Sara Abdallah
Mayye Zayed
Mohamad Elhadidi
Anna Bolster
Mayye Zayed
Marian Mentrup
On a busy, noisy, high-traffic street corner in Alexandria, Egypt, a seemingly vacant corner lot surrounded by chain link fencing is the training site of Egypt’s most elite champions – the female weightlifters.
Zebiba (Arabic for “raisin”) has been training at the site for five years, since she was 9, following in the footsteps of Egypt’s most famous athletes of all time – including the first Arab, female, two-time Olympic medalist Abeer Abdel Rahman, and World champion and Olympic athlete Nahla Ramadan. Nahla’s father, the visionary Captain Ramadan, has bred champions, female champions, from his makeshift corner–lot training site for over two decades – 4 Olympic, 9 World and 17 Pan African champions.
Now it is Zebiba’s turn. But can Zebiba put aside her youthful instincts, and direct her focus to be the weightlifting champion the Captain is sure she is?