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Documentary Film
74 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Richard Schnupp
Oranotha Erway
Johanna M. Beyer
Clara Wieck
Annemarie Riemer
We are born into an already-constructed world – we don’t choose our own history, context, or culture. We enter with new eyes into this old culture, which has already been shaped and structured based on the desires and power of others. This culture is most often opaque, hidden under the smooth surface of “the way it is and was”. Museums are institutions that are entrusted to preserve – they are a repository of highly selective views of history and civilization. The artwork presented under the magic guise of education and expertise is in fact historically made, collected, curated, and contextualized by men. Girls/Museum is a voyage through the historical art collection of the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, guided by the expertise and insights of a group of girls, ages 7 to 19.