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Kids DOK 2020
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For Real Maria Claudia Blanco
Mady and Merouane live in the same neighbourhood and spend most of their time together. They are best friends. The stupid talk of the others won’t change this.
Media Name: b6954d1d-f9e8-4006-898c-dab49eb277e3.jpg

For Real

Pour de vrai
Maria Claudia Blanco
Kids DOK 2020
Documentary Film
21 minutes

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Maria Claudia Blanco
Antoine Devulder
Juliana Brousse
Ondine Novaresse
Théo Cancelli
Danny Guttridge

Mady and Merouane are two eleven-year-olds who grow up as best friends in the north-east of Paris. They live right next door to each other and that’s more important to them than anything else. And anyway, they feel so at home in their neighbourhood that they can’t think of a more perfect place to practice adulthood. When some other boys turn up, their friendship is briefly put to the test …

Small Worlds, Big People