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Zwischen mir und der Welt / Aufräumen

Zwischen mir und der Welt / Aufräumen
Michaela Schwentner
International Competition Short Film 2020
Documentary Film
24 minutes

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Michaela Schwentner
Michaela Schwentner
Gerald Weber
Michaela Schwentner
Michaela Schwentner
Michaela Schwentner
Nik Hummer

Set theory, one of the cornerstones of mathematics, serves as a metaphor for “social structures as spatial arrangement”, as the first sequence of the film reveals. The visual playfulness first becomes an exploration of two- and three-dimensionality and then turns out to be a well-founded reflection of social power relations. The search for a supposedly correct “order of things” triggers the compulsive element in many viewers. Who’s (not) afraid of being different?

Borjana Gaković
Nominated for Gedanken Aufschluss Prize
Small Worlds, Big People
Sinn und Sein
Poesie und Grenzgänge
Umverteilen und Mitreden
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