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Audience Award Competition 2020
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Robin’s Hood Jasmin Baumgartner
Robin, president of the Vienna football club RSV, loves his “dirty rotten bunch”. Passion is his recipe. That goes for moral courage, discipline and parties.
Media Name: d61c3c2e-533c-421e-a3d2-045f691ab0dc.jpg

Robin’s Hood

Robin’s Hood
Jasmin Baumgartner
Competition for the Audience Award 2020
Documentary Film
93 minutes

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Jasmin Baumgartner
Jasmin Baumgartner
Dominic Spitaler
Anna Hawliczek
Olga Kosanovic
Matthias Writze
Lee Niederkofler
Nvie Motho

Fluctuation at the Vienna football club RSV is high. Coach Robin, who once hosted parties at the Prater sauna, sees his club as a political project, too: Players from various birth nations come together in his “dirty rotten bunch”. Athletic highlights are quite often followed by relegation, discipline and excess are cheek by jowl at RSV. Director Jasmin Baumgartner has followed Robin and his team over several years.

“My players are like my kids”, Robin says. And kids can be exhausting. They are caught with joints by the police on their way to the Slovenian training camp or prefer to go to the casino instead of completing their training units. But even president Robin isn’t averse to parties. On the sidelines of the amateur league it can get boozy and often rough: Opposing fans insult and discriminate against black athletes in particular. A behaviour for which Robin has no patience at all. He sees it this way: “If we integrate the super sweet Muslim fraction in our club, with our Serbian nationalists, uneducated Austrians and our Muslim-hating Congolese players, then we’ll not only be promoted to the fourth division. We’ll even stop the rise of the right-wing nationalists.”
Carolin Weidner
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