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Bless You!

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Tatiana Chistova
Maciek Hamela
Georg Gruber
Maciek Hamela
Maciek Hamela
Marina Levashova
Maciek Hamela
Tatiana Chistova
Patryk Zakrocki

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes its death toll in Russia, the government imposes a strict round-the-clock curfew on its population of the elderly. The drastic measures aim at protecting those who are the most vulnerable but the distress among people grows rapidly. Millions are stranded in their flats, some without immediate family, access to medication, or even food. A municipal helpline is established for those seeking help in this extraordinary situation and this film documents the hundreds of phone calls received each day. These short conversations give a rare insight into the anxieties of those who grew up in the Soviet Union and have largely been left to fend for themselves after the fall of communism.
This heterogeneous array of voices is juxtaposed with a visual journey into the Saint Petersburg cityscape depicting the intricacies of post-soviet architecture, in particular the firewalls through which, over the years, people have illegally pierced windows in an attempt to lure sunlight into the dim apartments of the Khrushchev era. We discover the city through static shots where glimpses of the epidemic can be spotted as well as rare moments when the elderly venture out of their apartments despite the imposed curfew.

German Competition 2020
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Grenzland Andreas Voigt
Along the river Oder: Virulent questions about homeland and community, everyday life and politics, asked with confident casualness, provide an account of the present.
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Documentary Film
100 minutes

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Andreas Voigt
Barbara Etz
Kazimierz Beer
Klaus Schmutzer
MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Thomas Beyer
Rolf Bergmann
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
PISF, Poland Polish-German Film Fonds
Filmbüro MV
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH
Barbara Etz
Marcus Lenz
Maurice Wilkerling
Ina Tangermann
Gerhard Ziegler
Peter Carstens
Cine Chromatix
Andreas Voigt
The wide, flat land behind the dikes by the Oder and Neisse lies as before. Floods have swept over it, wars, people on their hikes looking for a place to stay and better life. A landscape and its history. Borderland – a trip. From the border triangle, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic touch each other, up to the Oderhaff in the North.
Up until the 18th century the area was desolate, often flooded. Friedrich II drained the land and settled colonists.
A century and a half later, after World War II, the East of Germany became a part of Poland and the East of Poland – a part of the Soviet Union. The Poles from these areas were expelled and settled in the former German areas. The Germans also lost their homeland and had to move westwards to the Federal Republic or the GDR. Germany was united almost fifty years later, and soon after, in 2004, Poland became a part of the EU. The border between the two countries is no longer a real one. However, life here is different.
Explorations. Stories from the edge – but in the middle of Europe. Work, home, love. Leave and arrive and stay. Life stories and fates. Encounter with people on both sides of the rivers along the German-Polish border.
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I’m Here

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Julia Orlik
Agata Golanska
Marta Swietek
Marta Swietek
Marta Swietek
Julia Orlik
Julia Orlik
Julia Orlik
Aleksandra Rosset
Bogdan Klat
An elderly man is looking after his paralyzed wife. Despite his old age and health problems, he’s doing his best to relieve her suffering, which is getting worse day by day. His daughter helps him, trying to balance care with her work in the hospital and family life. Everyone has a different view on how to properly care for the sick, which often causes arguments.
Extended Reality: DOK Neuland 2020
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Locus Solus Krzysztof Garbaczewski
Loosely based on Raymond Roussel’s novel “Locus Solus”, we explore the world of the inventor Martial Canterel. His estate is a place of innovation but completely without morals.
Re-Visions 2020
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The Gentle Giant Marcin Podolec
100 kilos of self-doubt: a massif of a man uses slam poetry to overcome his fears. One small step for mankind is one big leap for a shy giant.
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We Have One Heart

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Katarzyna Warzecha
Ewa Jastrzebska
Stanisław Zaborowski
Barbara Igielska
Katarzyna Wilk
Katarzyna Wilk
Katarzyna Wilk
Grzegorz Hartfiel
Katarzyna Warzecha
Yellow Tapir Studio
Piotr Kremky
Jakub Jerszyński
Adam Witkowski
After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters his parents exchanged years ago. This is an opportunity for him to find out more about his father, who he never knew. The juxtaposition of animated drawings and archival material takes us back forty years and enables us to uncover an extraordinary family secret.