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Roman’s Childhood

Documentary Film
50 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Kristina Sereikaitė
Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Jonas Maksvytis
Jonas Zagorskas
David Hilowitz
Roman lives with his parents Aivaras and Diana in a Klaipėda Old Town squat, in an abandoned and decaying building. Despite poverty, Roman’s parents try to provide him with the very best. However, they don’t always succeed. But Roman doesn’t care. He is happy that his parents give him the most important thing that an eight-year-old boy can have – absolute freedom. Freedom to roam the narrow streets of the Old Town, swim in the sea, climb fences, or search the ruins. It doesn’t even cross his mind that it can be dangerous. What matters the most is that he is loved.