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Roman’s Childhood

Romano vaikystė
Linas Mikuta
International Competition 2020
Documentary Film
50 minutes
English, German Subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing

Romanas, his parents Aivaras and Diana and their little dog live in a cramped place in the Lithuanian harbour town of Klaipėda. Linas Mikuta takes an unprejudiced look at a loving family structure where dreams are interpreted, worries are shared and news negotiated over cigarettes and cake, while at the same time the narrative of a timeless childhood summer full of headstands by the side of the road, somersaults on the beach and afternoons in box houses unfolds.

With his friends Romanas roams through ruins, neighbourhoods and along the coast. The eight-year-old conquers his own worlds, lives in his own time. The result is a portrait of a wealth of relationships and resilience at a precarious place that’s completely of the moment. Everyday rituals, care and community are captured in humorous, warm tableaus and light-drenched exterior shots. This film knows about the great love in small things. It knows about pop songs that hit you right in the heart, about tears you are not left alone with, and that playing with the waves between the green sea and the white sand means all the world.
Djamila Grandits

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Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Kristina Sereikaitė
Linas Mikuta
Linas Mikuta
Jonas Maksvytis
Jonas Zagorskas
David Hilowitz
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