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Audience Award Competition 2020
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Faith and Branko Catherine Harte
Faith loves music and Branko loves Faith. The two set out on a turbulent journey as a music duo and married couple. But alas, the first cracks in their romantic bliss soon appear.
Media Name: 16e6a55e-d43e-4dc0-a852-10a5d2e9b737.jpeg

Faith and Branko

Faith and Branko
Catherine Harte
Competition for the Audience Award 2020
Documentary Film
82 minutes

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Catherine Harte
Snezana Van Houwelingen
Catherine Harte
Film Center Serbia
Catherine Harte
Dragan Von Petrovic
Ljubodrag Starovlah
Zoran Maksimovic

It begins like a classic “girl meets boy” story: Faith, a charismatic accordion player from Great Britain, travels to Serbia to learn about Roma folk music. She meets the violinist Branko, who is instantly smitten. They quickly marry and form a band. But with musical success their love dwindles. A turbulent story of expectations, disappointments and the dream of happiness.

Faith enters into Branko’s life in an almost disturbingly casual way. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the new country, the sceptical family and the cultural differences. Branko on the other hand adores his new wife and boldly enters a new world. They are a big hit as a duo – travelling around the world and playing bigger and bigger venues. But while Faith feels as happy as a lark, Branko seems like an uprooted tree. Instead of dealing with their differences they keep moving on rapidly, until one ruthless step follows the next. Catherine Harte has produced a captivating and very intimate portrait of this contradictory couple. Relentlessly close and yet compassionate, the film develops an impressive pull you don’t want to resist.
Kim Busch
Nominated for MDR Film Prize
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