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Water Silhouettes

Siluetas de agua
Violeta Paus
International Competition Short Film 2020
Documentary Film
30 minutes

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Violeta Paus
Violeta Paus
Heloise Chicou
Maura Guajado
Camila Sherman
Violeta Paus
Francisco Hevia
Violeta Paus
Florencia Gonzalez-Riogani
Francisco Hevia
Stephanie Sibbald

Chile is the only country in the world in which water management has been almost completely privatised. Three women stand for the profound damages suffered by the population as a result: a general water shortage, above-ground poisoning by industry and underground contamination via landfills. All parallel and interrelated facets of the same problem.

Ralph Eue
Redistribution and Having a Say
Rural vs. Urban
Poetry and Crossing Boundaries
Intervening Nature
State of the World
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