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A New Shift

Documentary Film
Czech Republic
90 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Jindřich Andrš
Miloš Lochman
Augustina Micková
Studio Bystrouška
Czech Television
Miloš Lochman
Miloš Lochman
Tomáš Frkal
Jindřich Andrš
Lukáš Janičík
Šimon Herrmann
Eliška Cílková
Tomas lives in industrial Ostrava. His peaceful life gets disrupted by the closure of the Paskov mine where he worked over 20 years. Tomas is forced to re-qualify. After completing a tough programming course, he discovers that the ability to write a working code is not enough. It is far more difficult is to sell himself in his new career. Suddenly, a positive answer arrives, and Tomas joins an IT company as a programmer. Now he sits in an air-conditioned office in front of several monitors and writes emails to his colleagues sitting next to him. Meetings, briefings, brainstorming. It’s time to ask an unpleasant question. What has he lost?
Re-Visions 2020
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Carnival of Animals Michaela Pavlátová
Two different planets: men and women. What used to be one in paradise was divided a long time ago by original sin. But the world is consumed with longing for a reunion.