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Re-Visions 2020
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Achilles Barry Purves
Trench warfare around Troy, the heroes are well-known. This adaptation of a classical myth, inspired by antique designs, dares to show explicit images for adults.


Re-Visions 2020
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City Paradise Gaëlle Denis
Tomoko from Japan travels to London. She is well-prepared, works hard on a language course and has brought her goldfish to fight homesickness. But she still feels lonely.
Re-Visions 2020
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Ferment Tim Macmillan
An old man and his granddaughter are sitting in a quiet square in the middle of the city. Suddenly he has a heart attack, falls to the ground – and time freezes.
Re-Visions 2020
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Hilary Anthony Hodgson
A bizarre bedtime story featuring a princess and her toy mouse, a mother urging suspicion and a dogfood-munching grandfather.
Re-Visions 2020
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Rabbit Run Wrake
An unsuspecting rabbit scampers through the land of childhood. It’s the host animal of a powerful magic goblin who teaches the little ones virtues like greed, envy and avarice.