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Flying Low

Volando bajo
Diego Piñeros García, Elkin Calderón Guevara
International Competition Short Film 2020
Documentary Film
24 minutes
English captions

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Diego Piñeros García
Elkin Calderón Guevara
Calderón & Piñeros
Calderón & Piñeros
Calderón & Piñeros
Eduardo Cote
Juan Carlos Arrechea

In the global North, the DC-3 is regarded as a vintage plane and tourist attraction. In Colombia, however, it is still used as an airliner and serves as the only link to the outside world for remote villages in the Amazon region. The history of the former “Raisin Bomber” reflects economic and hegemonic conditions. Now the DC-3 raises its voice in an entranced cinematic journey through time and space to talk of dangers, sensual experiences – and a mystic passenger.

Annina Wettstein
Poesie und Grenzgänge
Rural vs. Urban
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