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It’s All the Salt’s Fault

Todo es culpa de la sal
María Cristina Pérez
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2020
Animated Film
10 minutes

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María Cristina Pérez
Mauricio Cuervo
María Cristina Pérez
María Cristina Pérez
Mauricio Cuervo
Daniel Jones Cozzarelli
Jose Moreno
Daniel Jones Cozzarelli
Sara Isabella Martínez Rey

Click, frame change, click, frame change. The narrator presents her family in snapshots: the father in his youth, the mother posing in an armchair, siblings, birthdays, excursions, the usual. But the commentary by the daughter looking back adds something profoundly salty, perhaps even poisoned, to the unfolded normalcy. Tiny insults accumulate into sadness. It (almost) doesn’t matter that the family members in question are sloths.

Sylvia Görke
Nominated for Young Eyes Film Award, mephisto 97.6 Audience Award
Family Ties
Small Worlds, Big People
Sense and Being
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