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Alejandro Alonso
International Competition Short Film 2021
Documentary Film
30 minutes
French, English

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Alejandro Alonso
Boris Prieto
Alejandro Alonso
Oderay Ponce de León
Boris Prieto
Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema
CNC / Aide aux cinémas du monde
Lisandra López Fabé
Pepe Gavilondo
Nancy Angulo
Glenda Martínez Cabrera
Velia Díaz de Villalvilla
Alejandro Pérez
Emmanuel Peña
Alejandro Alonso
Alejandro Alonso

A ship scrapyard in western Cuba. The observing camera follows Raudel and his colleagues who work in what seems like a hermetically sealed microcosm. A homing pigeon strays into the place; the workers contemplate it silently as they smoke. Sometimes they talk about their dreams. Shots are focussed in turns on their bodies and their surroundings. Rhythmic, artfully crafted and authentically produced sounds accompany precise and lucid images, without aestheticizing the harshness of their work.

Borjana Gaković
Winner of Golden Dove Short Documentary (International Competition Short Film)
Redistribution and Having a Say
Rural vs. Urban