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When Light Is Displaced

When Light Is Displaced
Zaina Bseiso
International Competition Short Film 2021
Documentary Film
Palestinian Territories,
7 minutes

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Zaina Bseiso
Luis Gutierrez Arias
Zaina Bseiso
Zaina Bseiso
Zaina Bseiso
Luis Gutierrez Arias
Brian Griffith
Zaina Bseiso
Sarah Ibrahim
Gavati Wad
Adam Wand
Jordan Wong

In her light-footed film miniature, Zaina Bseiso links the disappearance of the last orange grove from the suburbs of Los Angeles with the fate of the Jaffa orange, a native fruit of Palestine. When she engages her father in a conversation regarding this content and artistic concept, it turns into a discussion about how a good documentary can approach reality and why – with all due respect for realism – we must never underestimate the power of illusion.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann
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