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Tellurian Drama

Tellurian Drama
Riar Rizaldi
International Competition Short Film 2021
Documentary Film
26 minutes

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Riar Rizaldi
Riar Rizaldi
Adythia Utama
Natasha Tontey
Nursalim Yadi Anugerah
Riar Rizaldi

In 1923, the Dutch erected a radio station on Puntang Mountain on Java deploying indigenous forced labourers. 2,000 metres of wire between two mountain ridges were meant to transmit news from what was then the Dutch East Indies across the 12,000 kilometres to Europe. A speculative and poetic examination of the remains of Radio Malabar – in the earth, in the mountain, in dreams of geoengineering, in local history.

Marie Kloos
Winner of Honourable Mention (International Competition Short Film)
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