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Documentary Film
128 minutes

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Ada Ushpiz
Ada Ushpiz
Philippa Kowarsky
Philippa Kowarsky
Channel 8
Danor Glazer
Bilal Saed
Neta Braun
Aviv Aldema
Avi Balleli
Ada Ushpiz
Ada Ushpiz
The Israeli long occupation from the point of view of Palestinian children: the painful personal stories of three girls and two boys, age 7 to 17, from East Jerusalem and Hebron, open a window to the world of Palestinian minors, trapped in a daily reality of violence, humiliation, and confrontation with soldiers and settlers, and yet remain children in every way. Each child finds their own way to cope and to construct their emotional and political world in an impossible situation of war.
The film combines the intimate experiences of those children. One of them was involved in the “Knife Intifada”, with the constant soundtrack of their lives on TV and social media, conversations at home, and their schools’ educational programs. A portrait of the third generation of occupation.