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DOK local 2015
Bowlingtreff Thomas Beyer, Adrian Dorschner

Postmodern style, sensation, the venue of boozy brigade nights, a ruin today: the Leipzig Bowlingtreff. Many-voiced memories of a part of the city.


Documentary Film
60 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Thomas Beyer, Adrian Dorschner
Thomas Beyer, Adrian Dorschner
Alexander Hessel
Simone Friedel, Anna Baranowski, Adrian Dorschner
Anna Baranowski
Thomas Beyer, Adrian Dorschner
Jana Irmert
There’s a submarine in the middle of Leipzig. It’s not only the architecture of the former Bowlingtreff in the heart of the city that evokes such a vessel. In terms of relevance, the building also gradually sank from view over the years. It was built as an example of postmodern architecture in the late 1980s, behind the authorities’ back, as it were, and then tolerated. A piece of aesthetic resistance in the city of the “peaceful revolution”, it became a meeting point for athletic activity with a Western flair. Builders and volunteers speak and take us back to the palace of the people built by Leipzigers for Leipzigers. Let’s hope that this submarine will be allowed to resurface one day.

Kim Busch