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Rowdys … werden nicht geboren, sondern erzogen! Nach Tatsachenmaterial hergestellt von einem Kollektiv des VPKA Leipzig

Documentary Film
14 minutes
_without dialogue / subtitles

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Amateurfilmkollektiv der Volkspolizei Leipzig
Amateurfilmkollektiv der Volkspolizei Leipzig
The so-called “Rowdies” youth movement is portrayed in the style of wanted posters, using police photos and collage-like condensations of typical characteristics. Various scenes are used to illustrate the danger to society these youngsters represent. The text title “… that’s how it ends” demonstrates clearly the consequences of the behavioural problems depicted: criminal prosecution by the police and the judiciary. This is accompanied by pictures of the alleged masterminds and backers: contemporary FRG politicians. The film releases its audience with an appeal to the public headed by slogans like “education”, “work” and “structure”.

Konstantin Wiesinger