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DEFA in Person: Kurt Tetzlaff 2020
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Erinnerung an eine Landschaft – Für Manuela Kurt Tetzlaff
An entire landscape south of Leipzig is transformed: personal histories are overturned, villages disappear – chalked up as pawns sacrificed for brown coal opencast mining.
Media Name: bc9b6d10-78d5-4b8b-a157-f0869a1bba9d.jpg

Memories of a Landscape – To Manuela

Erinnerung an eine Landschaft – Für Manuela
Kurt Tetzlaff
DEFA in Person: Kurt Tetzlaff 2020
Documentary Film
84 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Kurt Tetzlaff
DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
Karl Faber
Eberhard Geick
Kurt Tetzlaff
Joachim Niebelschütz
Manfred Porsche
Hartmut Haase
Gerhard Rosenfeld
Kurt Tetzlaff

A controversial filmic parable on the loss of homes and the destruction of nature in the name of industrial progress: Between 1979 and 1982, the village of Magdeborn, which was regarded as an obstacle to brown coal mining south of Leipzig, is demolished. The locals are resettled, mostly against their will, to Grünau, Schönefeld and Borna. Those portrayed in this cinematic requiem rarely mince words when they call themselves pawn sacrifices and bargaining chips for the economic needs of the state. Officially, Tetzlaff and his team were attested an unacceptable emotional closeness to the people.

Ralph Eue
Regional (Heeme)
Natur in Bearbeitung
Small Worlds, Big People