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Documentary Film
45 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Adam Ślesicki
Aneta Kopacz
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Łukasz Żal
Aneta Kopacz, Paweł Laskowski, Rafał Samborski
Aneta Kopacz, Tomasz Średniawa
Michał Kawiak
Joanna’s hand lovingly strokes her son’s back. They are lying in the grass, listening to the meadow dwellers and the sounds of nature. Jaś says he has a “divine time” with his mom, and Joanna, too, loves to spend time with her boy. But this time is limited. Joanna says she is not afraid of dying, but of leaving behind her little family.
Aneta Kopacz’s narrative is remarkably subtle, preserving the tender moments of the remaining days in expressive images. Through its searching vision, which always finds closeness from the distance, its suggestive associations, over which the voices of memory are superimposed and which dissolve time, the film makes the interior state of the young woman visible. What remains are moments of great emotional power and at last a plea: to do everything with love and devotion. Then you could leave something unique to the people you love. Like Joanna did.

Claudia Lehmann

Prize of the Youth Jury 2013

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