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Side by Side

Documentary Film
98 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Keanu Reeves, Justin Szlasa, Company Films
Chris Kenneally
Brendan Ryan, Billy Ryan
Chris Cassidy
Mike Long, Malcolm Hearn
A documentary about the science, art and impact of digital cinema. For almost one hundred years there was only one way to make a movie – with film. But over the last two decades a digital process has emerged to challenge photochemical filmmaking.
Keanu Reeves interviews directors, cinematographers, film students, producers, technologies, editors, and exhibitors, as “Side by Side” examines all aspects of filmmaking. Reeves‘ interlocuters are men of credit like Steven Soderbergh, James Cameron, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Geoffrey Gilmore, Lars von Trier, George Lucas, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan and many more.
At this moment when digital and photochemical filmmaking coexist, “Side by Side” explores what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring.

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