Review our 2023 programme and discover the films of our 66th festival edition.

225 films and XR works from around 60 countries, for one week in Leipzig. From 8 to 15 October, we were celebrating our 66th festival edition with numerous world premieres, film treasures from the archives and films for young audiences. 

The drawing shows bluish ghosts with dachshund heads floating in a circle around a person lying on the ground. The person is huddled and looks sad. The background is black. On the sides there is a bed and a window with night sky.
Dede Is Dead (director: Philippe Kastner) | Kids DOK (Films for All 6+)
Kids DOK

Our series for young audiences brings together films for all who are eager for funny and thoughtful viewing experiences. Each programme combines animated short films about amazing and curious events and new documentary films about the banal and the extraordinary, all of which make the world of children and young people tangible. We show five programmes for five age groups:



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An einer Ticketkasse beraten zwei Dok-Mitarbeiterinnen eine Festivalbesucherin
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Zwei Personen an einer Infotheke im Gespräch. Die Infotheke ist rot und mit Filmpostern dekoriert.
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A person with headphones on looks at a brightly lit screen.
DOK Stream

Diese Filme sind vom 9. bis 15. Oktober online verfügbar.

Eine Kinoleinwand mit zwei Untertitel-Reihen. Oben steht auf deutsch: Zu einfach! Und steht auf Englisch: Well that was easy.

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Unless otherwise stated, our film programmes are generally aimed at adults over the age of 18. For film-specific notes on violent or potentially traumatising content and depictions (Content Notes) as well as flashes of light that may trigger seizures in people with visual sensitivities (Photosensitivity Warning), please see the respective film pages.

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